Join me and other overworked moms on a wellness journey toward feeling more energized and empowered every day to take on the world.

Here's something I know for sure

This world is FULL of real-life superheroes disguised as soccer moms, corporate ladder climbers and pre-teen chauffeurs, which makes them kinda hard to recognize—especially when their heads are spinning from juggling meal prep, hockey practice, PA days, work deadlines, birthday parties, magazine drives...
...all while attempting to maintain the healthy, trim physique that’s supposed to be the holy grail for all people everywhere. You might be one of these superheroes. (You found your way here, so I’m guessing you are.) But you might not feel like a superhero.
And that’s okay.

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Hi there, Superwoman! Nice meeting you here.

I'm Evelina.

If you're like me, you're probably juggling a lot: work deadline, kids' dance classes, early-morning workouts, endless birthday parties & playdates... is kinda full. I get that.

As a wise man once said, "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better." And that's what I'm all about - a little better every day, a little stronger, a little more spring in your step.
Being a Superwoman doesn't mean swinging from rooftops, it just means showing up to your beautiful, health-infused self.
  • I went to see Evelina after 7 years of really bad insomnia. I tried everything from sleeping pills to homeopathy and nothing worked. After just a few sessions, I am finally sleeping again! I have also adjusted my diet based on nutritional symptomatology assessment Evelina did and feel a real difference. I can't thank her enough.
    Inna Farian
  • My son and I love working with Evelina since her sessions are very relaxing. At first I noticed subtle changes and improvements in my son's condition, however after continuing with Evelina's recommended treatments, all symptoms seemed to lessen if not disappear in just a short amount of time. My son's season allergies and allergy to our cat at home are no longer an issue.
    Jo-Lynn Teslyk
  • My son has been suffering from seasonal allergies, and over the period of 3 months we tried every possible medicine available, and nothing helped. I brought my son to see Evelina and after a few sessions the allergies were gone! Completely gone! No more water eyes, sneezing, itching, all gone! It was unbelievable. I cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you, Evelina!
    Julia Fedontchouk
  • Answering personal questions felt weird and made me feel vulnerable/exposed sometimes, but after working with you I have a more positive attitude towards the future, uplifting, optimistic, ambitious attitude towards life. My symptoms never returned since you started working with me; the knowledge and understanding you gave me on how things are wired and working inside and outside of us helping me to make conscious and healthy choices every day of my life.
    Anastasia G.
  • Until I started working with you, I often gave up on my new healthy habits soon after starting them. but you never pushed anything that you hadn't tried and didn't believe in... This is so important! You shared all your knowledge and info, it was up to me to decide... You don't push.
    I am very happy with what I eat now... and I am so proud of how I feed my kids!
    Velina Sotirova