Here's something I know for sure

This world is FULL of real-life superheroes disguised as soccer moms, corporate ladder climbers and pre-teen chauffeurs, which makes them kinda hard to recognize—especially when their heads are spinning from juggling meal prep, hockey practice, PA days, work deadlines, birthday parties, magazine drives...
...all while attempting to maintain the healthy, trim physique that’s supposed to be the holy grail for all people everywhere. You might be one of these superheroes. (You found your way here, so I’m guessing you are.) But you might not feel like a superhero.
And that’s okay.

I’m here to tell you a few things about being a superwoman.

Superwoman bends the rules (like, regularly). She won't die of shame after eating a slice of her son’s birthday cake, because she’s got a plan in place for self-care—one she actually feels good about and takes time for.

Superwoman doesn’t wear a cape—or a size 2. And yet she has an awesome bod. A body that feels good to be in, that doesn’t groan and heave after every meal. Clear skin, bounce in her step, and bowel movements that make her want to shout “hip, hip, hooray!”

After lights out, she’s got plenty of energy for whatever’s next. Her side-hustle, her kid’s art project, hanky panky with her spouse, whatever; Superwoman knows there’s more to life than Netflix.

Sound good?

Beautiful. That's all perfectly achievable, with a little guidance from your care team (i.e. me.)
Some other complaints people come to me about (and managed to say “buh-bye” to after working with me) include:
Pesky late-night cravings - the kind you know have ZERO to do with hunger, but are harder to resist than a pair of discount Jimmy Choos.
A stuffed up, constantly running nose and puffy eyes that makes your coworkers steer clear of you in the break room.
Libido on hiatus: Instead of feeling all funky and frisky after a date with your honey, you wanna melt into the sofa and watch re-runs of Sex and the City 'til you fall asleep.
Mega information overwhelm... like, daaang, should I spring for the organic spinach, spend my whole paycheck on a pound of grass-fed butter, or is eating more veggies enough?
Even a few teensy, weensy slices of cheese leave you holding your gurgling, bloated tummy all night long (Hello, lactose intolerance! Not so nice to meet you.)
These dark circles under your eyes are getting harder and harder to hide, no matter what they plaster on my face at the Mac makeup counter.
That's just a taste of what I work on with my clients.
I haven’t even mentioned the paralyzing menstrual cramps, the late night “OMG, what the hell is happening down there” moments that women have been coming to me about for years.

There is a solution. (I promise.)

Some things you probably want to know about me

As a health practitioner, I ask my clients to share all kinds of details about their bodies, their relationships, their jobs and more.
It’s all part of the process. And it requires a ton of trust.

Side story: Years ago I went to my doctor with some uncomfortable (and kind of awkward) digestive issues. He took one look at me, ordered a gastroscopy (yes, it IS as awesome as it sounds), and prescribed me a bunch of antibiotics.
...and never asked a single question about what I was eating.
No mention of probiotics.
No mention of fresh, homemade food.
And, of course, no talk about my health mindset.
All this to say...

I put your story at the centre of your treatment plan.

  • Answering personal questions felt weird and made me feel vulnerable/exposed sometimes, but after working with you I have a more positive attitude towards the future, uplifting, optimistic, ambitious attitude towards life. My symptoms never returned since you started working with me; the knowledge and understanding you gave me on how things are wired and working inside and outside of us helping me to make conscious and healthy choices every day of my life.
    Anastasia G.

A few fun facts that might interest you...


Toronto is my home now, but I’ve immigrated 3 times. (I collect passports, lol.)

I can say “skip the crouton, please” in English, Russian & Hebrew. I’m actually fluent.

I’ve been a salsa dancer for over 15 years and performed regularly for a long time—I can give Julianne Hough a run for her money any day.

Just for fun, I got a diploma in fashion + photographic makeup. (‘Cuz I just looove beautiful things.)

I’m kind of a geek about awesome customer service, which might explain why I did a whole degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management

Aaaand...I’m fully, completely, 100% addicted to personal development—from the Law of Attraction to Tony Robbins, Elizabeth Gilbert, Napoleon Hill, Paulo Coehlo, Gabrielle Bernstein, (yes, there are many!) to anything that helps me understand how things work and how to get better, smarter, happier, a little every day.


Applied Holistic Nutrition Diploma
The Institute of Holistic Nutrition
Certified Nutritional Practitioner
The Institute of Holistic Nutrition
Registered Bioenergetics Practitioner
Institute of Natural Health Technologies
Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner
Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners
Since 2013
Master of Science Degree
Middlesex University

If you've scrolled this far, you're probably keen to hear a little of my story.

I gave ZERO thought to nutrition before my daughter Naomi was born. It wasn’t until she started eating solid foods that I began to ponder the connection between what we put in our mouths and how we feel.
Transitioning from my fancy corporate career to a veggie-munching, nut-soaking, fish-oil-drinking health practitioner was no easy journey.
There were a LOT of bumps along the way. I tried a million diets. I cleansed, again and again.
I did high-fat. Then low fat. Paleo. Then high carb. Then low carb. You name it, I tried it. Anti-inflammatory. Metabolic balance. Dairy-free. Gluten-free. Elimination. High protein. I did it ALL.
10 years of self-experimentation, punctuated with huge doses of yoga, dance, pilates, crossfit and meditation.
And I learned a TON.
Along the way, I also learned to meet my clients where they are. To guide them in a way that works for them. To love them through their transformations, their challenges, their not-doing-anything moments.
Because I realized…’s all perfect.
We’re never a finished product.
A healthy body is never a done deal. It’s a road we travel down all our life long.
I’d love to be a part of your journey.