Every woman could use a mentor, a real human who just gets her.

Shouldn't you have someone in your corner?

    Anastasia G.
  • My symptoms never returned since you started working with me; the knowledge and understanding you gave me on how things are wired and working inside and outside of us helps me to make conscious and healthy choices every day of my life.
    Anastasia G.
When it comes to your health, is it really possible to keep up with your go-go-go life and still feel energized and healthy?
Here's the thing. When it comes to vibrant health, there are a few major bottlenecks that can hold women back from reaching the next level of energy & vitality. Every woman tends to have a few primary bottlenecks that are holding her back.
The challenge is this: As a busy, modern superhero with hundreds of competing priorities, it can be tough to have enough perspective to identify what their biggest stumbling blocks are and how to fix them.
Solving this problem for awesome, on-the-go women is what I do all day, every day.
  • Until I started working with you, I often gave up on my new healthy habits soon after starting them. but you never pushed anything that you hadn't tried and didn't believe in... This is so important! You shared all your knowledge and info, it was up to me to decide... You don't push.
    I am very happy with what I eat now... and I am so proud of how I feed my kids!
    Velina Sotirova
  • My son has been suffering from seasonal allergies, and over the period of 3 months we tried every possible medicine available, and nothing helped. I brought my son to see Evelina and after a few sessions the allergies were gone! Completely gone! No more water eyes, sneezing, itching, all gone! It was unbelievable. I cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you, Evelina!
    Julia Fedontchouk
  • My son and I love working with Evelina since her sessions are very relaxing. At first I noticed subtle changes and improvements in my son's condition, however after continuing with Evelina's recommended treatments, all symptoms seemed to lessen if not disappear in just a short amount of time. My son's season allergies and allergy to our cat at home are no longer an issue.
    Jo-Lynn Teslyk