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Hi, I'm Evelina.

I help women with mindset, nutrition and wellness to be full of vibrancy and vitality!

More Energy. More Vibrancy. More Vitality.

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After over a decade in the health and wellness field, it's my mission to help women feel the best they can, so that they can show up fully on the dancefloor of life!

Once you know how to tap into the feeling of wellbeing and see how easy it is, you'd be wondering why you don't do it more often.

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What Others Say

Until I started working with Evelina, I had no awareness of what I was eating. I had developed bad habits that were impacting my energy levels and overall health. She never pushed nor insisted, never qualified things as right or wrong, always looked for what’s feasible and balanced for my specific situation. She gave me the tools and the space I needed to make the necessary changes. I was able to get through intensive dance rehearsals and survive long dance congress weekends thanks to the tips and guidance she provided me with.
I am very happy with what I eat now and I am very proud of how I feed my family.

Velina S.

My symptoms never returned since I worked with Evelina. The knowledge and understanding Evelina gave me on how things are wired and working inside and outside of us helps me make conscious and healthy choices every day of my life.

I am so thankful!

Anastasia G.

I went to see Evelina after 7 years of really bad insomnia. I tried everything from sleeping pills to homeopathy and nothing worked. After just a few sessions, I am finally sleeping again! I have also adjusted my diet based on nutritional symptomatology assessment Evelina did and feel a real difference.

I can’t thank her enough.

Inna F.