Holistic Coaching for Immigrants through Wellness, Healing, and Transformation

Evelina Hovich is a Holistic Life Coach, Nutritionist and Breathwork Facilitator in Toronto

Embark on a Path of Healing, Personal Growth, and Conscious Manifestation

Your Path to Holistic Health and Empowerment

1:1 Coaching: Dive deep into self-discovery and unlock your unique potential. Together, we'll create a life that resonates with your true self, filled with purpose and fulfillment.

Holistic Nutrition Consultation: Nourish your body and mind with personalized nutritional guidance that harmonizes with your lifestyle and cultural preferences.

Individual and Group Breathwork Sessions: Experience the power of breathwork for emotional release, energy renewal, and mental clarity.

Read on below to find out more about the different life coaching services I offer in Toronto.

Embrace Life's Journey with a Unique Blend of Holistic Practices

As a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Certified Breathwork Facilitator, and Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I offer a unique approach that combines deep cultural understanding with holistic healing practices. My passion lies in helping immigrants find balance, happiness, and success. With my diverse background and expertise, I guide you through a transformative journey that encompasses physical health, mental well-being, emotional balance, and spiritual growth. I’ve worked with people in France, Israel, Australia, across the United States, and of course, Canada.  

I could tell you about my experience studying, training, coaching, doing the work myself, and integrating it all into my practice. I could tell you all about myself, and my approach.

Instead, let’s talk about what you want...

  • Are you interested in self discovery and healing from past traumas?
  • Are you struggling in your relationships?
  • Are you seeking ways to navigate cultural transitions? 

My services are tailored specifically for immigrants navigating the complexities of assimilation, relationships, and life goals in a new environment. I understand the challenges you face and offer a supportive, nurturing space where you can connect with your authentic self and manifest your dreams. It's not just about adapting; it's about thriving and realizing your potential anywhere you are.

Are you ready to create a life that works for you, on your terms?


About Evelina

My journey as a three-time immigrant now living in Canada, enriched with diverse academic and professional experiences, informs my practice. This journey has taught me the power of adaptation, the strength in diversity, and the art of manifestation in new and challenging environments.

Whether you're seeking to heal from past traumas, looking for direction in life, or aspiring to achieve your goals in a new country, I am here to support and guide you. Let's embark on this journey together, creating a future filled with possibility, connection, and love.


Evelina helped me discover aspects of circumstances I never paid attention to. These were the clues to the challenges I wish to overcome.
Each session was emotional, yet brought lightness, more clarity and a direction to move forward.

Olga V. 

Paris, france

During one of our sessions, Evelina helped me heal  25 years worth of crap that I had lived with about me having a bad attitude and about me being not good enough. It was healed. Her work is that powerful and I'm so grateful.

Yvonne S. 

Warrington, england

Coaching with Evelina was extremely useful as it greatly contributed to my personal growth and positively changed my relationship with self and others. Evelina masterfully encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone to take a deep dive into events and experiences that stirred profound insights and shifts for me.
I now believe it is possible to create a life that works for me, and freedom to do so on my terms.

Anastasia G. 

Toronto, canada

Evelina opened my eyes to a much bigger picture than the one I was looking at and I could feel my shifts as the session went on. She was able to lovingly clarify my issues and shift my perspective around abundance...and I thought I knew a thing or two about abundance!

Annette P.

Evelina is one of the most highly trained Life Coaches out there. She has so many skills in her back pocket and can offer a multitude of ways to help her clients to breakthrough. She is a person of integrity, connection and authenticity matters to her.  If you get the opportunity to work with Evelina, you will be so happy you did as your life will see results! 

Cynthia  Blanco

Denver, USA

I now have more clarity  with respect to the things that truly matter to me and the goals that I’d like to achieve.  Evelina was able to zero in on the feelings and emotions that have been holding back my personal growth.

Based on her intuition and the client’s feedback, she employs a variety of tools and techniques to lovingly push you out of your comfort zone and move you past resistance towards your personal goals. Evelina is a gifted coach!

Irene M.

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