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I'm Evelina and I'm a Mindset and Wellness Coach.

After over a decade in the health and wellness field, it's my mission to help women feel the best they can, so that they can show up fully on the dancefloor of life!

I’m here to tell you a few things about leading a dance lifestyle.

  •   You love dance so much, that you plan your life around it.
  •   Your life outside of the dancefloor is super busy and demanding.
  •   Dance makes you feel fully alive, and that’s why you want to keep doing it. Forever.

Can you relate?

Some things you probably want to know about me.

I started dancing at the age of five. Two years of Russian-style ballet followed by a five-year ballroom 'career' involved serious discipline training and many valuable lessons. For various reasons, I stopped dancing when I was a teen, and then in my early twenties, I moved to London, UK to continue my education. 

While studying in London, UK, I ended up in a salsa club, completely by accident. My life was forever changed! From taking classes, to being asked to assist with classes with Mr Supermario himself, I went on to compete, perform and of course, social dance. I traveled the world to congresses, trainings and lots of dancing. I know a thing of two about having to perform, dance all night, survive on 2 hours sleep AND take a full day of workshops! 

My dancing life was interrupted for a while when I took some time off to carry a baby and give birth to my daughter. When we moved to Canada, dance, once again, saved and enriched my life! I started training, performing and competing again. So now I had to survive on 2 hours sleep not only at congresses, but also often on a daily basis since I now had a toddler in my life.  I was training and performing on a pro team while having to do all the mommy duties. I did that for 4 more years. I no longer perform or compete, however, social dancing, I hope, will stay with me for many years to come.

I know this very unique dance-lifestyle first hand, I can relate to the struggles and challenges that come with it. 

Now I combine my passion and experience in dance with my expertise in the world of natural health and mindset.

My journey from a promising corporate career to the world of natural health. 

I had ZERO idea about nutrition before my daughter Naomi was born. It wasn’t until she started eating solid foods that I began to ponder the connection between what we put in our mouths and how we feel. Transitioning from my fancy corporate career to a veggie-munching, nut-soaking, fish-oil-drinking health practitioner was no easy journey. There were a LOT of bumps along the way. I tried a million diets. I cleansed, again and again

I did high-fat. Then low fat. Paleo. Then high carb. Then low carb. You name it, I tried it. Anti-inflammatory. Metabolic balance. Dairy-free. Gluten-free. Elimination. High protein. I did it ALL. 

Nutrition is just a part of the puzzle.

Nutrition is just a part of the puzzle. Nutrition without mindset is incomplete. My interest in understanding the Universal Laws, power of the mind and human potential led me to countless hours of reading, events, retreats, and daily self-practice.

And I learned a TON. 

Along the way, I also learned to meet my clients where they are. To guide them in a way that works for them. To love them through their transformations, their challenges, their not-doing-anything moments. 

Because I realized…

...it’s all perfect.

We’re never a finished product. A healthy mind and body is never a done deal. It’s a road we travel down all our life long.

I’d love to be a part of your journey.



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A few fun facts that might interest you...

A few fun facts that might  interest you...

Toronto is my home now, but I’ve immigrated 3 times. (I collect passports, lol.)

I can say “skip the croutons, please” in English, Russian & Hebrew. I’m actually fluent.

Just for fun, I got a diploma in fashion + photographic makeup. (‘Cuz I just looove beautiful things.)

I’m kind of a geek about awesome customer service, which might explain why I did a whole degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management.

Other than being passionate about dance, nutrition and mindset, I am also a huge fan of coffee and chocolate… and wine.


Certified nutritional practitioner


master of science degree