About - Evelina Hovich

Hi, I'm Evelina

I help amazing women manifest their dream life with ease, joy, and flow.

Raised by a strong single mom, I demonstrated strong will, independence and desire for more very early on. I have been through immigrations, divorce, career changes, family drama, body image struggles, financial turbulence, and a serious degree of not-enoughness. 

I have now created and consciously manifested a life that once was a dream. From manifesting over one million dollars in eight months only in 2019 to living in a state of abundance surrounded by love and beautiful relationships and life I am so, so grateful for. And I am confident, THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

Now, I feel called to teach others how to do the same. I have tried, tested, practiced and mastered various tools and processes to get to where I am and I can show you how you too, can manifest and create your dream life.

Fun Facts About Me

  • Toronto is my home now, but I’ve immigrated 3 times. (I collect passports, lol.)
  • I can say “Thank you, Universe” in English, Russian & Hebrew. I’m actually fluent.
  • Salsa dancing has saved my life a few times and I intend to continue dancing for as long as I am here on this Earth.
  • My passion for natural health and nutrition got me to a certification in holistic nutrition, bioenergetics, and iridology.
  • Just for fun, I got a diploma in fashion + photographic makeup. (‘Cuz I just looove beautiful things.)
  • I’m kind of a geek about awesome customer service, which might explain why I did a whole degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management.
  • Bring on salsa music, wine, chocolate and coffee (‘cuz obvi) and we will be friends forever!

I Believe

  • You can BE, DO and HAVE anything and EVERYTHING you want
  • Life is about FUN, EASE and FLOW
  • Definition of success is how much JOY you’re experiencing in life
  • You can manifest and create the life of your DREAMS
  • ABUNDANCE is available to all of us
  • We are here to continually EVOLVE and EXPAND
  • It’s all about the JOURNEY
  • You’re responsible (i.e you RESPOND TO YOUR ABILITY of magnificence and magic) for your life
  • You’re in CONTROL of your life
  • You can build a life, business and body of your dreams on YOUR TERMS
  • If you can IMAGINE it, you can MANIFEST it in your life
  • You can BE, DO and HAVE anything and EVERYTHING you want

I can show YOU that you too, can create a life of YOUR DREAMS. I know, it's possible for you too!

Have you been looking for a way to have your dream life, body and business with easy, joy and flow?

Are you going from place to place, door to door, one Google search result after the other, craving for a solution to have more; bigger and better life? Knowing, deep inside, that there must be more out there for you? 

I have been there! And you're in the right place at the right time.

I don't believe it's an accident you're on this page right now. It was meant for us to cross path because I can help you find the path to where all of your desires become reality.

Let’s connect and start this beautiful relationship:

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Anastasia G

Evelina helped to change my fear-based perspective on many areas in my life by teaching me how easily I can manifest the life and things in it that I truly desire. During occasional down days, I now have a tool-box of aids that Evelina equipped me with on how to handle those.


My session with Evelina was GREAT!! So amazing! I loved her energy and excitement -- she is made to do this and had GREAT exercises for me to do! It was like going to a Manifestation Doctor! I went in with a problem and left with a prescription for how to fix it! 🙂 Awesome!

Olga Volkova http://olgavolkova.com

Evelina has always been able to direct my focus on the roots of a particular issue. She's guided me to discover underlining stories or problems and helped me navigate towards a solution and steps moving forward.

I always feel more clear with my path and intentions every time after I speak with her!


Evelina opened my eyes to a much bigger picture than the one I was looking at and I could feel my shifts as the session went on. She was able to lovingly clarify my issues and shift my perspective around abundance...and I thought I knew a thing or two about abundance!