Packages & Fees

A unique blend of Integrative Holistic Life and Wellness Practices. 

Coaching helps us evolve and expand our consciousness. It helps us heal, love and honour ourselves and others.  We can then be free to make choices that support our divine being and creation.

4 sessions


plus HST, in CAD

  • Four 60-minute sessions dedicated to deeply exploring and addressing your unique challenges, goals and aspirations
  • Customized Coaching: Action plans focusing on deepening relationships, cultural adaptation, and achieving life objectives in a new environment.
  • Holistic Approach: Techniques focused on emotional resilience, mental clarity, and spiritual growth, supporting holistic well-being and the manifestation of a fulfilling life.
  • Integration Activities: Specific homework assignments designed to encourage practical steps towards your goals, reinforcing the manifestation process and ensuring dynamic progress.

One 90-min initial session + three 45-min follow-up sessions


plus HST, in CAD

  • In-Depth Initial Consult: A 90-minute session to assess health, symptoms, and lifestyle for a tailored nutritional strategy.
  • Personalized Nutrition Plans: Three 45-minute follow-ups to adjust nutrition protocols for optimal health and wellbeing.
  • Supplement Recommendations: Custom supplementation recommendations to complement your nutritional plan and support overall wellness.
  • Mindset for Success: Strategies to enhance your mental approach to eating, fostering a holistic relationship with food and nutrition.



plus HST, in CAD

  • One 60-min Healing Breathwork Session
  • Individual or in a Group Setting: Can be enjoyed individually or with a group of up to 10 people 
  • Large Groups of 11 people or more, please contact me for quote and details. 
  • Benefits of Breathwork: Enhanced clarity, stress reduction, improved sleep, intuitive insights, increased self-awareness, emotional healing, joy and connection.

In our work together

  • You will gain more clarity on your dreams and desires and become more committed to achieving them. 
  • You will learn how to heal, let go of limiting beliefs, repeat patterns, and stuck emotions. 
  • You will discover how to improve relationships with yourself and others.
  • You will find that the answers are already within you. It's my purpose to help you remember that you are a powerful creator and can create the life you desire.

Since I started working with Evelina, I feel stronger, I believe in myself and know my purpose and value. I now believe it is possible to create a life that works for me, and freedom to do so on my terms. Evelina is a gifted coach .


What is integrative holistic life & Manifestation coaching?

Integrative Holistic Coaching (IHC)  is an holistic approach to life coaching which means working with a person as a whole. Coaching helps you to see your possibilities and get clear on your dreams. It involves supporting you while releasing stuck emotions and beliefs so that you can begin to lead your life from possibility while you integrate mind, body, and spirit.

We focus on one area and work to create “wins”.  Coaching is not diagnosing. Coaching is about  discovery and inquiry. I use tools that are specific for any kind of learner and assign homework (integration exercises) that supports your coaching and keeps you accountable and on track with your growth.

IHC Coaching combined with advanced manifestation techniques creates a unique way of coaching. This helps you see infinite possibilities and create a life you love to live from a place of abundance. 

Integrative Holistic Coaching is highly customizable and tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Homework and integration exercises are adaptable to your preferred learning style. 

what results will i get from coaching?

The results you will get depend on your commitment to healing and transformation. Everything is possible! My clients have transformed their lives and shifted lifelong beliefs that no longer served them. They've manifested their desires and are equipped with a toolbox of techniques to help them in life and business.

Where does the coaching take place?

All sessions are done virtually over Zoom unless otherwise stated and agreed beforehand.

How do I reach my coach between sessions?

You will leave each session with homework to help you integrate and keep you on track and accountable. If you need to contact me between the sessions, you can do so by email. Some packages will include access to me via Telegram (Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM EST).

What is the refund policy?

You'll have a connection call with me as well as a complimentary session before committing to coaching. Once you commit, the compensation is paid prior to the first coaching session and non -refundable. If you choose to quit for any reason, your payment will be donated to the charity of my choice. 

My coaching is not for everyone. Your result will depend on your commitment to transformation, courage to be vulnerable and your willingness to grow and expand. 


Evelina helped me discover aspects of circumstances I never paid attention to. These were the clues to the challenges I wish to overcome.
Each session was emotional, yet brought lightness, more clarity and a direction to move forward.

Olga V. 

Paris, france

During one of our sessions, Evelina helped me heal  25 years worth of crap that I had lived with about me having a bad attitude and about me being not good enough. It was healed. Her work is that powerful and I'm so grateful.

Maggie S. 

Warrington, england

Coaching with Evelina was extremely useful as it greatly contributed to my personal growth and positively changed my relationship with self and others. Evelina masterfully encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone to take a deep dive into events and experiences that stirred profound insights and shifts for me.
I now believe it is possible to create a life that works for me, and freedom to do so on my terms.

Anastasia S. 

Toronto, canada

Evelina opened my eyes to a much bigger picture than the one I was looking at and I could feel my shifts as the session went on. She was able to lovingly clarify my issues and shift my perspective around abundance...and I thought I knew a thing or two about abundance!

Annette P.