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Vision boards, vision boards, vision boards!

In my manifesting coach practice, vision boards come up a lot.

Used properly, they’re a powerful tool to help manifest the life of your dreams.

And because they’re 100% customizable to your needs, they’re useful for whatever you want to manifest.

Whether I’m serving as wealth and abundance coach, wellness coach, confident mindset coach, dating and relationship coach, or anything else, I find vision boards to be almost universally useful.

That’s why we’ve talked about them so much on this blog!

But if you’re not sure what a vision board is and how they work, you might have a lot of questions.

Not to worry – today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about vision boards.

What Is A Vision Board?

To put it in its simplest way, a vision board is a tool.

It can be whatever you want it to be – a literal wooden board, a corkboard, a file on your computer, the background of your computer desktop.

One of my clients even uses her refrigerator as her vision board – whatever works.

It’s a surface – of some sort – you use to attach images that reflect the life of your dreams.

21st century life can be pretty distracting, after all, and a vision board can help give clarity to your dream life, as well as keep you focused on your dreams.

What Is A Gratitude Board?

If you understand a vision board, you understand a gratitude board.

It’s basically a specific type of vision board that’s designed to help you manifest more gratitude in your life.

On it, you can include things you’re grateful for, like:

  • Photos of important people in your life
  • Hobbies, activities, volunteering, and other things that fill you with joy
  • Things you own
  • Sensory experiences you enjoy – things that smell, sound, taste, look good to you
  • And more

The idea of a gratitude board is to help you stay focused on the good things in your life, which we can sometimes take for granted.

When we feel we lack something, it’s easy to let that become our primary focus.

After all, we spend a lot of our time and energy working toward it.

And while it’s not a bad thing to want more out of life, it’s important not to let that desire for something greater cause you to lose sight of the good things you already have.

The art of manifesting your dream life starts with gratitude for the good things you already have in your life, and building on them.

A gratitude board can help with that.

How Does A Vision Board Work?

What you focus on expandsJoseph Sugarman

The reason why vision boards work is actually very simple.

One of the most popular axioms you’ll hear in self actualization spaces is the quote from Joseph Sugarman above, one of the pioneers of selling things through the written word.

However, a lot of other people have written similar sentiments, because it’s so universally true.

We manifest every day, whether we know it or not, and if you’re not doing it consciously your mind can drift into manifesting whatever happens to cross your mind.

We talked about it above, but it’s similar here as well – focusing on what you lack only brings more lack into your life.

If you’re constantly focused on the mistakes you made in previous relationships, like if you found yourself constantly fighting with your previous partners for example, you’re likely to bring those issues into your next relationship.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t learn from your previous relationships, of course.

It’s not about pretending that nothing bad happened or that everything is just peachy all the time – that’s toxic positivity.

But when you spend your time focusing on the things you did wrong, that’s what grows, that’s what manifests.

A vision board, instead, can help you focus on what you actually want your dream life to look like, and to manifest it.

If your previous relationship had issues with communication, for example, a vision board can help you focus on manifesting a relationship where you communicate clearly and effectively with your partner.

If you find you’d like to break free of bad habits, a vision board can help you focus on the positive habits you’d like to establish instead.

If you feel like your life is ruled by fear and scarcity, a vision board can help you manifest an abundance mindset.

The list goes on.

The more you visualize the life of your dreams, the more inspired you’ll be to take action toward making it a reality – sometimes without even knowing it!

Isn’t A Vision Board Just Positive Thinking?

It always helps to explore new experiences and ideas with a positive attitude and an open mind, of course.

But vision boards are more than just positive thinking.

When you spend time engaging with your vision board, it gives you the mental space to explore your goals.

You can get a better understanding of how you might feel as you progress toward your dream life, and once you manage to achieve it.

But what’s more, it can help you get a better idea of what your dream life actually is.

If, for example, you were raised by overbearing parents who disrespected your boundaries, they may have pushed you to pursue a lucrative career so you could enjoy the stability they never had.

But your life is your own, and if the goal they pushed on you turns out not to match your dreams, you’ll come to understand that as you work to create your vision board.

That’s the nice part of a vision board though – you can add and remove images as you please.

Using a vision board gives your brain the space to explore your dreams in a positive manner, which can help you get a clearer focus on your dream life, which can then spur you to action.

how does a vision board actually work? | Evelina Hovich | Mindset Coaching

A Vision Board, Or A Possibility Board?

Now, visualization is great.

I’ve seen people manifest amazing things with the help of visualization.

But it’s not the be all end all of manifestation.

It’s only the first step.

For example, you can visualize a clean house all you want, but your house isn’t going to clean itself!

What will?

Taking action toward making it happen.

A vision board is great for exploring your possibilities, for helping you understand the inspired action you need to take to get you there, and for spurring yourself to take that inspired action and make your dream life reality.

But without the inspired action, it remains just a daydream on the wall.

It’s an important part of the recipe, but it’s not the whole thing.

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