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The words we use matter.

That should come as no surprise to the most of us.

After all, words are the tools we use to communicate ideas with each other.

But they’re also the tools we use to communicate with ourselves.

Their importance goes beyond just mishearing the lyrics of your favourite song – it’s “hold me closer tiny dancer”, not “hold me closer Tony Danza”.

But when it comes to manifesting your dream life, there’s a deeper meaning to the words you say.

In my practice as a Toronto manifestation life coach, people come to me for a variety of reasons.

Some are looking for health and wellness coaching to help them gain better control over their health.

Others want dating and relationship life coaching.

Still others want to work on manifesting wealth and abundance.

But more often than not, they need help building their intuitive confidence and mindset.

Maybe one of the above resonates with you.

Regardless of the reason, though, each of these areas has many things in common.

One of them is the fact that the words we use matter.

Let’s take a closer look.

Use Words To Manifest Your Dream Life

One of the foundational principles of manifestation is to become aware of the words you say and speak.


Your subconscious mind is sort of like a child – it hears EVERYTHING, and it takes it all literally.

From there, it begins to construct a narrative of reality, and it tries to fit what’s happening externally into what you tell it.

That might sound confusing, so let’s try an example.

Imagine you’re constantly telling yourself how hard life is.

This is hard, life is hard, I have to work so hard, why is everything so hard, and so on.

You repeat these so often, to the point where they begin to feel like a mantra.

And in a way, they are.

Because the more you think and talk about how hard everything is, the more you manifest hardship into your life.

So when it comes to manifesting your dream life, the first step is to be aware of the words you use.

Things like hard, difficult, struggle, disease, sick, tired, etc.

These are powerful words that you can use to manifest a different life for yourself – but not the life you want, surely!

Take the time to be more aware of the words that show up frequently in your vocabulary.

And then...

Flip The Script To Manifest Your Dream Life

It’s easy to talk about what we don’t want.

Everybody knows what they don’t want.

You could walk down the street and ask anybody what they don’t want, and every single person will have an answer for you.

Pain points have a tendency to be pretty obvious, after all.

But here’s the thing – when you focus on what you don’t want, your subconscious mind latches onto it.

It builds your reality around that.

Here’s a silly example of how this works that I think a lot of us can relate to.

Imagine you’re at a store, buying something.

Doesn’t matter what it is.

You tell the cashier you want to pay with your debit card, so they prepare the machine for you and hand it over.

You put the card in, choose your account, and punch in your pin.

What does it say on the next screen?


But you’re not particularly paying attention, so what does your mind focus on?

Those two final words – remove card.

So you pull out your bank card before the transaction is complete.

And then you have to do it all over again.

I know I’ve done this a few times, and just about everyone I’ve spoken to has as well.

What happened there?

Your subconscious focused on what you didn’t want to do.

And then it manifested that reality.

That’s just one example – and it’s a relatively harmless one.

Worst case scenario, you feel a little silly.

But what happens when your subconscious mind focuses on other things?

What happens when you think “I’m so tired of being alone”?

Your mind focuses on being alone and that’s what it manifests.

What happens when you think “why does no one listen to me?”

Your mind focuses on no one listens to me, and that’s what it manifests.

This can even happen with phrases that seem like they’re positive.

When you think “I wish I was debt free,” your mind focuses on debt and manifests that.

And when you think “I can heal from depression”, your mind focuses on depression and manifests that.

That’s not to say you’re wrong for feeling the way you feel.

Nobody likes to be alone, to be ignored, to be in debt, to be depressed.

Your emotions are real, and they’re valid.

But you feel those things because you want to move away from what triggers them.

And focusing on what triggers them will only bring you more of the same.

So what’s the solution?

You need to flip the script on your subconscious mind.

Instead of thinking about what you don’t want, think about what you want.

What does that look like?

Let’s take a look at the examples above.

Instead of “I’m so tired of being alone,” consider “I’m looking forward to the loving companions coming my way”.

Instead of “why does no one listen to me?” consider “I have interesting and important things to say”.

Instead of “I wish I was debt free,” consider “I’m opening myself up to abundance in every area of my life”.

Instead of “I can heal from depression,” consider “I’m ready for wellness and joy in my life”.

Things To Consider

Right now, you’re use words to create and manifest your life.

What sort of life are you manifesting?

How can you flip the script on the words you use?

How can you begin to manifest what you want, instead of what you don’t want?

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