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We often hear people talking about science backing up their beliefs on things.

Science supports this, science supports that.

But how often do we get to see the actual science in action?

How often do we get to take a close look at a real scientific paper that supports what just about every manifestation life coach has been saying?

That’s what we’re going to do today.

Stick around, let’s take a look.

The Paper

In 2014, researcher Brian C. Clark and four others published a paper in Volume 112, Issue 12 of the Journal of Neurophysiology.

The paper’s title is “The power of the mind: the cortex as a critical determinant of muscle strength/weakness”.

Catchy, huh?

In this paper, they took a look at the hypothesis that “the nervous system, and the cortex in particular, is a critical determinant of muscle strength/weakness and that a high level of corticospinal inhibition is an important neurophysiological factor regulating force generation.”

Is your head spinning too?

In layman’s terms, that essentially means they were testing how the brain influences how strong our muscles are.

To do this, they gathered a group of otherwise healthy volunteers and divided them into three control groups.

The first group had their wrists and hands immobilized for four weeks to weaken them.

They did this by putting them in wrist-hand casts, like what would happen if you broke your wrist.

The second group did the same thing, but they were also told to imagine themselves doing some strong muscle contractions, five days a week.

A third control group didn’t have any interventions one way or another.

They measured each group’s strength at the beginning, immediately after, and one week after immobilizing their wrists.

Both groups saw a loss of strength and a few other factors.

But the group that visualized themselves using their muscles?

They lost half as much strength.

Their conclusion?

“Regular activation of the cortical regions via imagery attenuates weakness…by maintaining normal levels of inhibition.”

Or, to put it in language you might expect to hear from an intuitive confidence mindset coach

Visualizing yourself achieving your goals can help you reach them.

Does that sound like I just made it up?

Having a hard time believing such a story?

Then read the whole thing here if you like.

what science can tell us about manifesting your dreams to come true | Evelina Hovich | Life Coaching

What Does This Tell Us?

First of all, it shows the power of manifestation.

After all, what is manifesting but visualizing your dream life, and taking inspired, deliberate action toward making it a reality?

The difference here is that the people in this study were told what to manifest.

They weren’t journaling or building their vision boards, but it was still a form of manifestation.

And they made it happen.

To make sure you get how big a deal this is, let me say this one more time:

This group of people visualized making something happen, and just that simple act of visualizing made it happen.

But if you’ve read some of my previous articles, you’ll know that just visualizing isn’t enough to make the changes you’re hoping for.

You can’t just sit at home all day wishing for your ideal life and expecting it to be so.

You need to take inspired, deliberate action toward that reality.

And that’s what happened in this study too, isn’t it?

The study subjects who visualized themselves exercising lost less strength than the group who didn’t.

But they still lost strength.

Visualizing can be a powerful element toward helping you build your dream life.

But it’s only one element.

Whether you want to improve your health, build stronger romantic and interpersonal relationships, create wealth and abundance, it doesn’t matter.

If your manifestation practice is missing the part where you take actual action, you’re going to spin your wheels in frustration.

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